About Us

Paul Zagoridis is the founder of Wealth Esteem :: a management consultancy for achieving outstanding results. We add a zero to your business valuation.

Paul is an entrepreneurial executive with broad technical and management skills in sales, import/export, internet (B2B and B2C), finance, accounting and technology industries. Ideally interested in fast growth firms as well as new divisions of large companies. He likes to be part of a team that makes a difference.

Paul’s project management experience covers ERP/CRM; DRP; building moves; intranet and eCommerce projects. Technically he is a skilled network/LAN/infrastucture engineer; has extensive experience in BSD, Unix/Linux, Netware and Microsoft server. Paul’s methodology understanding includes PMBOK as well as Critical Chain Project Management, Drum-Buffer-Rope and the Theory of Constraints.

As a Film Producer Paul has raised equity funds for independent features and production houses. He works with talented writers and directors to realise a common vision while making a return for investors. He also works with a feature film sales agency in Australia, UK, and USA.

Paul is one of the Top 10 LinkedIn connectors in Australia and can put you in touch with almost anyone.

Consulting Areas

Business development: import and export, brand development, project management, company & trust structuring, software implementation.

Mergers and Acquisitions: identify strategic opportunities, deal negotiation, equity & debt financing, due diligence, post M&A integration, exit planning.

Retail chain development: Locations, systems & process, store & range expansion.

Raising equity funds for independent features. Business affairs & line production. Finishing funds. Sales & marketing of completed features.

Call Paul on +61 414 707 343 or email paul.zagoridis at wealthesteem.org